With Norwich City stopper Vicente Reyes climbing the leagues on loan, Samuel Seaman asked Forest Green fan Ben Rowles how he got on at the New Lawn last term.

What sort of environment was Reyes going into at Forest Green? From the outside it looked like a tough time to play for the club.

Yeah, it was a bit of a tough time for Forest Green when he came in. It was a bit of a tough time, we were on a bit of a slippery slope in League Two and Troy Deeney had struggled at the helm.

He was brought in to help us steady the ship and try to survive in League Two, which unfortunately didn't happen, but what a goalkeeper. He was a bit of an unknown arriving on an emergency loan, but he was from Norwich so we thought he had to be half decent.

There were a few times where we were backs against the wall, fighting for survival, and you need a goalkeeper to command the box, take it from out of the air, and he was superb. He was a great shot-stopper, really commanding.

There was a game against Walsall at home where he saved a penalty and we went on to score two goals and win 2-0. That was when for me it was like 'wow, he's got something about him'.

Reyes shone despite a difficult assignment in GloucestershireReyes shone despite a difficult assignment in Gloucestershire (Image: Focus Images Ltd)

How well did he cope with the more physical style of play in League Two, and how good was his work on the ball? 

Forest Green did used to have an identity about playing the ball on the floor, and when Steve Cotterill came in it was a different style. But he was adaptable; at times it was about long balls and defending in the other half of the pitch, at others we were under pressure and we couldn't always do that.

We certainly had the ability to change our style, and Vinny played a massive part in that. There was one time he turned back inside the striker and it was a bit ropey, but he made up for it and made the striker look silly.

You can definitely see the different style compared to other League Two goalkeepers, but you do have to be adaptable and agile, and he was able to do that as well.

The Chilean adapted to various tactical setups under Steve CotterillThe Chilean adapted to various tactical setups under Steve Cotterill (Image: Izzy Poles)

One area of his game that you mentioned as a strength was the command of his area. You look at his age and you might not expect that, but was it actually a big part of his game at Forest Green?

Yeah, he was a real powerhouse and towered above some of our defenders. That's what you need in a goalkeeper, someone who will claim any corners, free-kicks, balls in his six-yard box.

You want someone coming out, commanding that area and taking balls out of the air. At the end of the day you're only as good as what's in front of you, but you can help, and he certainly did that.

Reyes will spend next season on loan in League One with Cambridge United, and from what you've said so far it sounds like you'd expect him to get on pretty well.

Yeah, absolutely. He's got all the ability there, for sure. I always say that one in 10 'keepers we get at the club goes far, and Vinny is certainly going to do that.

The last one we had at Forest Green to really kick on up the leagues was Robert Sanchez, who we had on loan from Brighton. Even then we thought he was a decent goalkeeper, and look where he is now: he's playing for Chelsea.

I think Vinny is going to make the top for sure. I'm really interested to watch him grow and see where he goes.

Robert Sanchez spent time on loan at Forest Green before going on to play for ChelseaRobert Sanchez spent time on loan at Forest Green before going on to play for Chelsea (Image: PA)