I know what it is like to be on the end of a thrashing whilst wearing the yellow and green of Norwich City. 

It was October 1992. We had made a wonderful start to the inaugural Premier League campaign, having been cast as relegation favourites before a ball was kicked. After 10 matches, we were sat at the top of the table. 

Then we played Blackburn at Ewood Park and lost 7-1. Like Norwich on Saturday, we were 4-0 down at half time and went under. 

The context is, of course, different. My Norwich side were in the Premier League. Blackburn had Alan Shearer, Tim Sherwood, Gordan Cowans - they were some side. 

Plymouth, who were superb and full credit to Steven Schumacher, who has done a remarkable job in Devon, aren't the same calibre of opponent. You can lose to them, plenty of teams will, but you cannot concede six goals. 

However you dress it up, this was a dismal afternoon in Plymouth. Supporters have every right to be angry and are rightly asking questions about how their levels dropped so inexcusably at Home Park. 

The players will be upset and hurt about the nature of the performance and at the forefront of their mind will be the 1,600 supporters who they badly let down. 

What stings more than most is that this wasn't the young side that suffered similar losses towards the end of last season - this is a side dripping with experience.

The Pink Un: Norwich suffered their heaviest Championship defeat since 1996 on Saturday.Norwich suffered their heaviest Championship defeat since 1996 on Saturday. (Image: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd)

Angus Gunn is 27. Jack Stacey and Dimitris Giannoulis have promotions on their CVs. Shane Duffy, Ben Gibson and Kenny McLean have top-flight and Championship appearances under their belt. We could go on. They've all been around and done it. It's more the manner they capitulated against Plymouth. It shouldn't happen. 

With heavy defeats like we had at Blackburn or they had at Plymouth, the key is how you respond to them. 

In the 92/93 season, we were fearless. We didn't overthink the Blackburn result or analyse it. We took it and moved on. We were focused on how we could hurt the opposition and knew our strength as a team. 

You need that mindset in order to bounce back and not get too down when things go against you. You cannot abandon your principles or approach off the back of one game of football, no matter how bad.

Norwich need to look at the bigger picture. It has been a good start to the season. It was a sore one, and I cannot think of many more embarrassing defeats for the club. Now they need to show some resolve and prove they can respond. 

We went on to beat Carlisle in the cup before then responding with a 2-1 victory over QPR. We finished third in the Premier League that season - it wasn't defining to us because we had the correct mentality to overcome it and get on with it. Time will tell whether David Wagner and his group have the same qualities. 

The supporters have been excellent this season. They have given the club a clean slate and played their part in trying to turn the narrative around. The club has to help itself and those players can relieve the pressure with a victory over Birmingham on Saturday. 

Losing Josh Sargent and Ashley Barnes is a blow, but they are not Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappe - losing two players shouldn't be so detrimental it leads to a 6-2 defeat to Plymouth. 

But beyond that, they have Marcelino Nunez, Jacob Sorensen and Grant Hanley injured. The Scot hasn't been available since Easter and the other two wouldn't get in the side anyway, so I'm not buying any talk of injuries being an excuse for this result or requiring them to make so many changes at Fulham. 

If they can show a bit of resolve and win on Saturday, it can act as a catalyst for improvement. 

That's the way I would like them to think. There is an element of doubling down and showing determination to prevent it from happening again.

Birmingham is a really important game. If Norwich end up winning the game, then it will be viewed as a blip. If they get beat, suddenly it is four defeats in five then there will be more questions asked and more scrutiny applied. It is an enormous game of football. 

Norwich's start to the season has been more than okay, especially when you consider the mood and levels of expectation in pre-season were so low. That defeat was more than alarming. It was 6-2 to Plymouth, not Manchester City. 

We can analyse and look at the whys or why not but it won't change it. All of the words used by Kenny McLean are correct. The most important thing is about what comes next. 

Wagner needs to remain calm in his approach. I think he will give players the opportunity to put that result right. The squad depth will probably make that a necessity. 

He is the one who must remain committed to his approach and not be knee-jerk. The response has to come from the players and their mentality. His plan has seen them make strides this season, even if this game was a massive bump in the road. 

Everyone is thinking this could be the result where Norwich begin to falter and the season unravels in a big way. But it can also be the making of them - it'll be up to the players to decide which route it heads in from here. 

They have to be brave, take the ball and believe in the game plan. It cannot go out of the window - especially at Carrow Road. 

Wagner cannot start becoming negative at home. There is an onus to play attacking football. Blitz Birmingham and then the season can crack on. Lose and the pressure intensifies. 

We are about to learn how improved their mentality really is. The stakes are high. 

The Pink Un: David Wagner is set to make changes as Norwich City travel to Fulham in the Carabao Cup tonight.David Wagner is set to make changes as Norwich City travel to Fulham in the Carabao Cup tonight. (Image: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd)


I must be honest, I was disappointed to hear David Wagner speak about making wholesale changes for tonight's Carabao Cup clash against Fulham. 

It's an opportunity to give players the chance to put things right quickly. What better way than against Premier League opposition? 

If you enter a cup competition and have a good run, and Norwich are more than capable of going to Fulham and getting a result, then it can have a really positive effect on your league campaign. It all helps fuel positivity around the place, as the opening rounds prove. 

Craven Cottage hasn't been an enjoyable place for Norwich to go - but it's a chance to inject some positivity into the place. That feels needed now more than ever. 

It doesn't half put some pressure on the league form if you go all in for the Championship. Of course, the aim is to get back to the Premier League, but unless a team has got a valid excuse then you should be looking to go strong, especially at this early stage of the season. 

What sort of message does it send to the thousands of Norwich fans who have paid money and will be travelling to London to support? Why should they bother going? I don't get it. 

As a player, the motivation at the start of every season is to try and win a trophy. It will be difficult, but on any given day you can win a game of football. If you get on a cup run, it can create a real positivity for your league progress. 

They have got through two really tricky away ties at QPR and Bristol City already. Why wouldn't you want to see if you can take it further? Was it all for nothing if they aren't going to try and progress? 

The Pink Un: Norwich City travel to Premier League side Fulham in the Carabao Cup this evening. Norwich City travel to Premier League side Fulham in the Carabao Cup this evening. (Image: PA Images)

If I was a player who was involved in the Home Park humiliation on Saturday, I would have wanted to play and try to put it right quickly. 

It's alright saying the fringe players will give it a go, but you want to go into a game knowing your team will be the best version of themselves. They won't be doing that. 

It's a real shame. But if that is the approach that David Wagner has taken, he must accept the fallout if there is to be one.