Norwich City fans left Home Park embarrassed after a 6-2 mauling by Plymouth Argyle in Devon.

More than 1,600 fans travelled to the game - the Canaries' furthest away fixture of the campaign - with coach travel from Carrow Road costing £66 and taking over six hours.

They were met with a woeful display from their side, however, with Norwich 4-0 down by half-time.

Adam Idah scored a consolation double for David Wagner's men, but they left their fans with little else positive as they made the long trip back to Norfolk.

We spoke to some of those travelling supporters outside the Home Park away end, to gauge their thoughts on the game and City's Championship prospects.

See the best of those conversations in the video above, or read the best of their quotes below.

Tom: It was an absolute joke to be honest. I don’t think you can take many positives from it.

It doesn’t really make sense considering where we were at the start of the season to where we are now really.

We probably would have been better off not starting the two starting the two strikers. I think Adam Idah and Ben Gibson are awful. There were manu out there today who weren’t fit to wear the shirt.

But you’ve got to say Idah’s first goal was a good finish, and the penalty’s a penalty. We actually looked alright in that period, but they were already 5-0 up, so you can’t make anything out of that, can you?

I think the problem is the depth in the squad. We’ve lost Sargent and Barnes and we’ve got to bring in Idah, who hasn’t proven himself, and Hwang, who’s not played in English football. What do you expect?

We’re going to finish mid-table. There’s no chance play-offs are happening. Cancel the bus!

Lee and Tom Hind: Wow. That was pretty awful really. Not what we were predicting before the game. Didn’t see 6-2 coming.

Defensively that was a shambles, sadly. When we tried to go forward it didn’t look like we had anything there, and then we were just getting punished at the back.

Don’t know whether the striker injuries are going to cost us in the next few games coming up. Whenever we went forward, especially in the first half when it was more even, we didn’t look like we were creating anything at all really.

We had a lot of the ball, but you can’t give teams four goals in a half.

Some of the players needed to do more at full-time. Only Onel came over and spoke to the fans, they could have chucked a few shirts over.

We appreciate that it was not a good day for them, but all the fans paid to come down here. It’s a seven-hour drive. It’s not fair on them.

We don’t want to get to blaming yet, but if this carries on you’re going to have to start pointing fingers.

At the start of the season we were downbeat, then we got really upbeat, now after this game and the injuries we’re a little bit downbeat again!

Living in Plymouth, it’s going to be a sorry walk home!

Brandon: It’s the best Norwich away support I’ve seen in my life in that second half when we were 4-0 down. We sang through it.

But we still managed to concede two more goals, and we’ve now lost three of the last four games. It’s not just like we’ve lost to better teams, we’ve lost to Plymouth.

If we don’t beat Birmingham then people are going to start turning against David Wagner again, and it’s going to be the same as it was last season.

They’re not robots, they cannot win everything, but six goals at Plymouth is ridiculous.

I still think we can push for play-offs. We’re going to all these away games, and you’re going to lose some and win some. You’re not going to go unbeaten in the Championship tonight.

Idah was amazing today, and he scored a very good goal off the through ball. People have a big expectation on him, but he’s a very young man, and everyone is horrible to him.

Just back him, and if after 30 games he doesn’t score fine, but not after four. Give him a chance.

There were a few fans who weren’t happy about the fact that Norwich fans were singing, but what are you going to do?

We’ve all come down to Plymouth, are you going to celebrate the fact that you’re here or not?